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Brazilian Cherry Slabs – being readied for export to Sarasota, Florida

Some serious table slabs headed our way. Our crew just cut some nice Brazilian Cherry logs which yielded these Book matched live edge slabs. These are getting ready to leave our Brazil sawmill this week for a cruise to our Florida factory. A table built from these could be your next family heirloom. Give our Florida slab department a call to get first pickings 🙂
Brazilian Cherry Wood Slabs

Garapa Decking being readied for export


Making wholesale Brazilian Garapa decking at our mill in Brazil today. This extreme hardwood performs well outdoors and has a beautiful Golden Teak color. In many markets around the world this hardwood has seen steadily growing demand. Garapa has taken over our mill today as we ready some decking shipments headed to the US. Also available as FSC Certified.Containers or joblots shipped worldwide.

In Pursuit Of Perfection

Control Freaks Unite!!! The wife says that I’m a control freak, but I embrace it and we hire many others just like me. Our team enjoys controlling the whole process from the forest to your door, so that we ensure the best final product possible. Today the team is prepping Cumaru and Brazilian Cherry hardwood to go into the kilns at our factory in Brazil. After being dried in the kiln the rough sawn blanks head to our production lines to become decking, T&G flooring, and deck tiles. You can see the kilns in the background with the aluminum doors. Our Brazil factory has 11 kilns which hold 45,000 board feet each. The kilns are monitored by a team of 4 boiler operators and a kiln drying specialist on a 24/7 schedule. Talk about babysitting!!! Our team monitors the process onsite, everyday of the year.

Quality Assurance

Because one size does not fit all

Wholesale Deck Tile Sizes

Small, Medium, and Large. Making a variety of Massaranduba hardwood deck tiles at our factory in Brazil today. 12”, 20”, 24”, and we even make some larger ones upon request. This is the easiest way to dress up an ugly concrete patio or rooftop as you don’t need to build a joist structure like a traditional deck. These turn dark brown like Ipe after being outside for a few weeks, yet they are a fraction of the cost.

End matching Tigerwood

End matching Tigerwood decking shorts to become parts for the creation of wholesale tigerwood deck tiles. An end matcher precisely cuts flooring and other components to an exact length. The end matcher can cut a square cuts on the ends to a precise length and also round over, bevel, T&G, or cut any other end profile needed. We run several different types of end matchers that are capable of producing containers of parts everyday. This one lives at our Brazil factory along with one that is much bigger and one that is smaller….its our middle child..

End Matching Tigerwood

Cutting Tigerwood Logs at the Lumber Queens Sawmill

Cutting FSC certified Tigerwood logs at our sister mill in Brazil. These logs will be cut into wholesale live edge table slabs, decking, deck tiles, cabinet grade lumber, and interior hardwood flooring. From our sawmill, they will head to Advantage Florestal to our nearby kiln drying operation, then onward around the world to awesome projects near you.

Joblots or containers shipped worldwide.

Uma visão de fora

Advantage Florestal Exterior Wall

Uma visão de fora de nossa empresa possuía fábrica no Brasil. Se você quiser ver um pouco do que está dentro, confira as várias partes deste site, ou melhor ainda, venha visitá-lo. Nós fabricamos pisos de madeira, decks, telhas de deck, lajes vivas Edge, e muito mais. Congratulamo-nos com passeios de qualquer uma das nossas instalações. Para as nossas fábricas nos EUA, na Carolina do Norte, Flórida, Nova York ou Califórnia, entraremos durante o horário comercial. Para as nossas instalações de Belém Brasil ou nossa serraria Benevides Brasil, por favor, ligue-nos para uma consulta.

As madeiras exóticas cultivadas de maneira sustentável são enviadas para todo o mundo. Atualmente serrar Ipe, Cumaru, Tigerwood, Garapa, Massaranduba e muitas outras madeiras duráveis.

Angelim Logs

Massive Angelim Log Shipment

Can you see that little pink thing down at the bottom? 🔍

That’s me standing next to some MASSIVE Angelim logs at our company owned sawmill in Brazil. Soon they will be milled into slabs and other wholesale hardwood lumber products to be sent to our Florida location!

I cant wait to see whats inside!!!

Contact our international department for wholesale container loads direct from our finishing mill in Belem, Brazil.

Lumber Queens

We are proud to present our newest addition: Lumber Queens! Many lumber dealers boast that they buy directly from the mill. We took that idea a few steps farther and bought the mill. Our new sawmill in Brazil is located just a few miles up the river from our existing kiln-drying and finishing plant.

The Lumber Queens

The Queens of the Lumber Industry, Vice-president Betty Pelc said, “I chose the name to highlight and honor the rapidly rising role of women in our company and the industry. For centuries, the industry has been dominated by men, and for the most part, they have done a fine job, but I think women have some long-overlooked ideas for production, distribution, treatment of workers, and ecology that will surely change the way things get done.” The facility is overseen by our South American director Viviane Peixoto, and exports are handled by our US-based import / export manager Vanessa Carrano. We are building a power team that happens to include a lot of women, and things are changing in exciting ways. The Lumber Queens facility houses two separate sawmill lines that process a combined 34,000 board feet of hardwood lumber per shift. There’s a port for receiving barges carrying up to 850,000 board feet of logs at a time. The grounds also include a 10-acre log yard that stockpiles up to 3 million board feet of logs, allowing production to continue throughout the rainy season.The rough-sawing facility employs approximately 40 local workers in addition to the 120 employees at our existing kiln-drying and finishing mill nearby. Just like all of our other facilities, our new rough sawmill is FSC-certified. Our new mill provides rough blanks for processing at our kiln-drying facility, where we produce exotic decking, deck tiles, hardwood flooring, beams, live-edge slabs, turning blanks, industrial lumber, cabinet-grade hardwoods, and other FSC-certified wood products. All of the material processed at our facility is responsibly harvested from well-managed forests.

Trucks filled with logs ready to be milled at our Brazilian sawmill!
Stocking the mill.
Here is a log ready to be milled into blanks.
Cutting slabs from a log is the first step in the milling process.
Milling decking blanks from wood slabs.
Decking blanks after milling.

One of the massive massaranduba log piles