Garapa Hardwood Lumber Products – FSC Certified is available

Garapa Hardwood Lumber Products

Other common names for Garapa include Brazilian Oak, Brazilian Ash, Cobre, and Garrote. The wood is medium density for a tropical hardwood and mills nicely. Garapa is golden yellow in appearance and is available from our facilities as both FSC and Non-FSC certifications.

Our Garapa is kiln-dried (KD) and available as decking, flooring, dimensional lumber, E4E, S4S, RS (Rough Sawn), deck tiles, and table slabs.

It is also typically used for

  • Exterior joinery
  • Hydraulic works (seawater)
  • Ship building (ribs)
  • Cooperage
  • Turned goods
  • Furniture or furniture components
  • Wood frame house
  • Flooring
  • Industrial or heavy flooring Interior joinery
  • Ship building
  • Interior Stairs
  • Vehicle or container flooring
  • Cabinetwork (high class furniture)
  • Tool handles (resilient woods)
  • Formwork
  • Boxes and crates
  • Wood-ware

Figured Angelim Pedra wood slabs – FSC® Certified available

Figured Angelim Pedra wood slabs
Figured Angelim Pedra wood slabs. Fresh out of the kiln at the Advantage Florestal FSC Certified Mill. These live edge slabs will make beautiful furniture. From conference tables to your kitchen table, our slabs come in all shapes and sizes, we are sure to have your perfect slab.