End matching Tigerwood

End matching Tigerwood decking shorts to become parts for the creation of wholesale tigerwood deck tiles. An end matcher precisely cuts flooring and other components to an exact length. The end matcher can cut a square cuts on the ends to a precise length and also round over, bevel, T&G, or cut any other end profile needed. We run several different types of end matchers that are capable of producing containers of parts everyday. This one lives at our Brazil factory along with one that is much bigger and one that is smaller….its our middle child..

End Matching Tigerwood

Cutting Tigerwood Logs at the Lumber Queens Sawmill

Cutting FSC certified Tigerwood logs at our sister mill in Brazil. These logs will be cut into wholesale live edge table slabs, decking, deck tiles, cabinet grade lumber, and interior hardwood flooring. From our sawmill, they will head to Advantage Florestal to our nearby kiln drying operation, then onward around the world to awesome projects near you.

Joblots or containers shipped worldwide.

Garapa Hardwood Lumber Products – FSC Certified is available

Garapa Hardwood Lumber Products

Other common names for Garapa include Brazilian Oak, Brazilian Ash, Cobre, and Garrote. The wood is medium density for a tropical hardwood and mills nicely. Garapa is golden yellow in appearance and is available from our facilities as both FSC and Non-FSC certifications.

Our Garapa is kiln-dried (KD) and available as decking, flooring, dimensional lumber, E4E, S4S, RS (Rough Sawn), deck tiles, and table slabs.

It is also typically used for

  • Exterior joinery
  • Hydraulic works (seawater)
  • Ship building (ribs)
  • Cooperage
  • Turned goods
  • Furniture or furniture components
  • Wood frame house
  • Flooring
  • Industrial or heavy flooring Interior joinery
  • Ship building
  • Interior Stairs
  • Vehicle or container flooring
  • Cabinetwork (high class furniture)
  • Tool handles (resilient woods)
  • Formwork
  • Boxes and crates
  • Wood-ware